Gender in home after retirement

Along with couples moving into retirement, income structure, time schedule and expectation from outside will greatly change. Gender in home will be restructured and show some interesting phenomenon. We may start from marital relationship, responsibility and decision making to feel this transition. Marital relationship Different employment status may cause conflict or satisfaction. When the retirement…… Continue reading Gender in home after retirement


In Ridgeway’s book, gender at home is analyzed with a premise of before retirement. Besides general stereotypes and moral schemas, “power” often comes from incomes, which is the basis of the term “provider”. So retirement should be a point that “provider” becomes meaningless which we will talk about next time. Now, let’s follow Ridgeway’s footstep…… Continue reading Non-work=leisure?

Neglected relaxation: Gendered leisure

“Heaviness” and “Lightness” If social functions can be divided into “heavy” and “light” sections, with no doubt, laws and policies can be treated as “heavy” social safeguard measures due to their mandatory penalization or punishment. Women’s rights are not allow to be violated in most countries under certain laws, for example, Article 2 of Women’s…… Continue reading Neglected relaxation: Gendered leisure